Friday, August 3, 2007


i know, i know, i'm a bad man, and i've been neglecting you, and when i return it's to plug my girlfriend's show, but hey, i've been moping. so there.

Right, Lily has been assistant directing on Accidental Heroes, for the Hammersmith Lyric Young Company. It opened last night and it's great. It really is. A genuine ensemble piece about growing up, gun crime, young love and loss it communicates the by turns painful and brilliant experience of youth in a way in which the professional theatre singularly fails to do. The reason young people don't go to the theatre is that it's not like this (he generalised reductively). It's timely treatment of a tough subject, and you should see it, because it works as a piece of theatre, not just as a piece of youth theatre. The light and sound design are both fantastic, and there are several moments of fantastically vivid theatricality which puts most work which happens on a main stage to shame.

It's on tonight, and twice tomorrow. Go.

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