Thursday, December 13, 2007

...if you care about the future of theatre in this country, or indeed, the present of it...

It seems Arts Council Yorkshire have cut their support to the National Student Drama Festival, declaring that they want to "refocus our investment". I just can't stress enough the extent to which there is no single thing that Arts Council Yorkshire which would be more effective in screwing up the future of theatre (and, indeed, of theatre criticism) in the UK. The Festival has until January 15th to appeal, and are putting together a petition to support the appeal.

Go here and sign the petition.

I'll put together a fuller post on the subject when i've managed to speak to some people at the Festival and get a bit more information about the situation and their plans. In the meantime, does anyone know enough html to put together a button that people might be able to paste into their blogs? i'm looking at you Davis Wateracre...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

...go there...

i've just discovered a really wonderful blog: Miles Alinson's A Confrontation with Falling.

"We burn in time and produce nothing which will remain except our own disappearance. "

from the blog.

"Art is life remembering magic. It is being. It is activism. It is ritual and prayer. It is play. It is the first word. It is the antidote. It is futile. There is only the dull hum of air-conditioning units without it."

from The City, I

...go confront...